Project/Investigation Status


Project/Investigation Status
S.No Approaching Department / Agency Name of the Project/ Structure/
Subject Matter

Ref.No & Date/ Vetting/ Checking/
Testing Division to which submitted, with Receipt No. & Date

Present Status Remarks/ Reasons for Non-clearance  (If Any)
1 J&K SICOP Srinagar
Ex, Engineer Project Division 1st Srinagar
Vetting of drawings & design calculation of over head steel bridge near JVC Bemina Srinagar CE/DIQC/J/1966-68
Dated: 20-11-2012
Dy. Director Dams and Head Works, DIQCD, Srinagar,
Receipt No: 177 of 26-11-12
Under process for checking Not Applicable
2 Transmission Line Construction Division, PDD, Bemina, Srinagar Construction of Tower Foundation in Nallah Sindh, near Watal-Bagh Ganderbal. TLCD-II/TS/2156-58 Research Officer, Road Research & Material Testing Laboratory, Sringar. Receipt No: 314 of 06-12-12 Testing & Report Preparation under process Payment Pending Vide our bill RR & MTL /DIQCD/ SGR/ TCB/ 1541, Dated: 28-12-2012